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Love fashion and it's my passion to serve any kind of fashion and body related activities! More of a lifestyle influencer!  

Residence: Dubai, UAE

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Andrea McClew

Andrea McClew

Hello my name is Andrea McClew. I am an Actress who currently has two movies out in which I'm the leading lady now available on FOX app TUBI. I also own my own lipstick line called Luv Her Lips. I have been in over 20 commercials and I'm also a pageant girl!! I'm Mrs.United States Regency Internati

Residence: San Diego, United States

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Mitushie Style Works

Mitushie Style Works

I am an experienced and skilled creative Stylist with over 15 years of experience. Kindly view my profile on LinkedIn - Mitushie Gothi to see more about my work and my portfolio is attached above. I am open to full time roles as well are working on individual projects. Good day and thank you 

Residence: Dubai, UAE

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Offline Design

Offline Design

If you can imagine it, we can make it work! Offline Design, the divine goddess of beautiful eyesblesses everyone with a mere look. So much like Sunshine that blesses the entire universe with its spectrum of rainbow colours.

Residence: Delhi, India

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Samantha M Stocks - Representing Self

Samantha M Stocks - Representing Self

Diploma at London College of Style - Personal Styling. Diploma at British College of Professional Styling - The Professional Photo, Film and TV Styling course.  Currently assistant celebrity stylist to Arabella Boyce for HELLO magazine, Daily Mail, Weekend Magazine, Radio Times.

Residence: London, United Kingdom

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Dangoura Matar

Dangoura Matar

Passionate about fashion and couture, I devoted my studies to my passion. After training in the fashion industry and obtaining my diploma, I was able to do several internships in clothing workshops. My wish is to exercise a profession in which I can showcase my skills and my talent. My diligence, my

Residence: Dakar, Senegal

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Aberdeen Fashion Week

Aberdeen Fashion Week

Lydia K Cutler is a multi award winning fashion designer and the Founder and CEO of Aberdeen Fashion Week, Scotland, UK. A mother of 3 grown up boys, 50 year old Lydia lives with her family in a small Scottish Village outside Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is the capital city of Oil and Gas in Europe, as

Residence: Aberdeen, United Kingdom

https://dfashionmagazine.com/Axcid Shop

Axcid Shop

Welcome to AXCID Shop, your one-stop store for trendy aesthetic clothing. Cool, edgy, aesthetic, effortless stylish clothes that work for all occasions. Check out our streetwear selection of women's ranging from oversized styles, beautiful tops, dresses, skirts, jeans, cargos, accessories, and more.

Residence: Miami, United States