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London based brand Farfetch launches eco-conscious label

London based brand Farfetch launches eco-conscious label...

 There Was One! That’s Farfetch's new own label that is primarily aimed at eco-conscious shoppers.   The London-based womenswear brand has been designed in conjunction with New Guards Group (NSG), the renowned luxury fashion producer from Italy.   Living up to its commitment of offering sustainable apparels, Farfetch has used certified environment-friendly materials. &n

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Franz Joseph Valdesis [Photographer]

I'm Franz Valdesis, a Nurse by profession but Photographer / Filmmaker by heart and Passion. I've been in photography since 2013. I've been into events, wedding, landscape, & food photography but then I realised that my heart is really for fashion and runway photography. Born in Philippines but currently in London. One of my influences back home in photography was my menton in Philippines

Carlene Barrett HMUA [Makeup Artist]

I am a hair & makeup artist. I studied hair at college and joined the Girl Meets Brush makeup academy around 2 years ago, since then I've worked on bridal party's, occasion hai

Kirstie Richards MUA [Makeup Artist]

I decided to become a makeup artist and absolutely love it. My dream job is working with models on photo shoots or run ways.  I have studied with Girl meets brush and DFMA tv, fashion and m

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