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Location: Bracknell, United Kingdom

‘Simplicity with Originality’ is what Vaishali has thrived on in 15 years of her experience of being a designer.Vaishali was captivated from an early age by the rich, colourful fabric and textiles that surrounded her. Under the watchful eye of her designer mother, she learned how to work with these materials and their tantalising textures. Following her passion, Vaishali made her way to the UK where she studied fashion and later worked as a freelance designer. She gained extraordinary insight into the world of high-end fashion and learned the intricacies of designing, creating and perfectly finishing each haute couture garment. Vaishali had found her calling.

Unable to resist, Vaishali has opened her own designer couture business Vz Perfection specializing in the full range of Bridal, Mother of the Bride and Special Occasion Wear. Each exquisite garment is created exclusively for individual clients by carefully assessing their requirements and preferences ensuring that each garment produced is unique. Vaishali is fastidious in her attention to detail and desire to make every client ‘feel like a million dollars’. With a philosophy similar to her life-long influence, John Galliano, Vaishali loves to create elegant, contemporary and dramatic garments which draw attention with their colours, textures and artistic designs. Vaishali has developed a reputation for designs of timeless elegance with a contemporary twist combined with excellent quality and craftsmanship.

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