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Mexican fashion and design showcase at EXPO DUBAI 2020 in the framework of Tolerance and Inclusivity

Dubai Fashion Mexico will take the streets of EXPO DUBAI 2020.

  • They've chosen the monarch butterfly as a symbol of these two concepts present in Mexican culture.
  • Seven renowned Mexican designers from different regions of Mexico will present creations and collections that reflect the feeling and art of the country.
  • EXPO DUBAI 2020 is a great business opportunity for Mexican designers, and a worldwide showcase of Mexican best creations.
EXPO DUBAI 2020 is an international platform for innovation. For the last 170 years thanks to the Universal Expos. In this occasion, Mexico is presented within the Mobility District, where for the first time fashion and design will have a leading role in an event dedicated exclusively to celebrate Mexican talent.
For this World Fair, which will be held in Dubai from October 2021 to March 2022 and includes the participation of 192 countries, Mexico's Pavilion will emphasize the themes of biodiversity and migration. For this reason, the monarch butterfly was chosen as a symbol, alluding to the fact that every year the butterflies undertake a great journey of thousands of kilometers to return home. Finally, this icon also gives strength to the central motive of the Pavilion: "We always return to Mexico".
The previous edition of the Expo was held in the Italian city of Milan in 2015, and the 2025 edition is scheduled for Osaka, Japan. This 2020 edition will be the first to be held in the Middle East, currently one of the most attractive markets worldwide, in one of the most relevant cities and a world trade hub; Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
"We are very excited that for the first time the fashion industry is part of a project like this, since it is a very important sector in Mexico, with a lot of talent, of which many families depend, in a production chain that the pandemic has severely affected." says the Director of Dubai Fashion Mexico, Brenda Jaet.
Dubai Fashion Mexico will take place through November 14-19 at EXPO DUBAI 2020, as part of the official week of Tolerance and Inclusivity.
EXPO DUBAI 2020 is the largest business opportunity for the international community, as the main focus is to promote strategic alliances at a global level. It is also an incredible opportunity for Mexican designers, as it will showcase to the world the best Mexican creations of this decade.
The task of choosing only seven designers with different styles and from different regions of the country, was exhaustive; however, as we are talking about tolerance and inclusivity, the selection includes designers who make their collections with great social responsibility, as they work with various communities of Mexican textile and craftsmen.
The seven Mexican designers who will represent the industry in this show are: Benito Santos, Jasive Fernandez, Pineda Covalin, Lydia Lavin, Montserrat Messeguer, Carlos Pineda and Armando Takeda. The initiative is from Must Wanted, through CEO Bernardo Noval who selected Brenda Jaet as Director of Dubai Fashion Mexico; Marco Corral as fashion producer. 
This initiative also advocates to support this sector, which has been undermined during the last couple years. Changes in the industry as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic have led them to adapt their strategies to new global trends, including e-commerce. According to the National Chamber of Industry and Clothing, and the National Chamber of Textile Industry, sales in these industries fell between 70 and 95 percent, despite the fact that online sales had a historic report; in Mexico, e-commerce spending increased 10-fold during the quarantine.
For the seven participating designers it is of great importance to have the highest quality standards and the best conditions to hold a fashion show outside of Mexico that can put local talent in the international spotlight.

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