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The Raise of Filipino to World's Fashion Industry : Chrystel Anne Clasicas

Coming from a strict Filipino household, I was raised to believe that having a creative career would not make me a living. I loved designing and sewing ever since I was super young. I followed and studied what my parents wanted me to do and eventually graduated in Business Management. I used to be so angry and frustrated with them because I thought, "What kind of parents would not support their childs dream?"

Fast forward to today, my parents have turned into my number 1 fans and have seated front row in my first show for New York Fashion Week. My background in Management helped me run my business better so thanks Tiger Ma and Baba.
My Filipino culture and traditional fashion is what inspired most of my modernised pieces 🇵🇭
What did you want to be growing up & What are you doing now? 😊

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Blogger and Content Creator in the fields of Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. Collaborating with brands under many hats as a Model, Stylist, Digital Influencer, and Ambassador.
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