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Malaika Arora crowned Mrs India Queen 2021- 'Pehchaan Meri' with Rochelle Rao

In Honor to the Women of India: Mrs. India Queen 

SR Queen Media Pvt Ltd's Mrs. India Queen 2021 beauty contest provides a glorious international platform to celebrate all the women of India around the world. The beauty pageant showed no matter who you are – a wife, a mother, a working woman, or a housewife - you deserve the world to appreciate you.

One of the members in the jury panel was our one and only Chayya Chayya girl, Malaika Arora. Keith Sequeira, the Indian actor and former model who has appeared for Raymond, acted as another Celebrity Judge. Dr. Apratim Goel, a dermatologist and the well-known CEO/Medical Director of Cutis Skin Studio, was the next jury member. 
The other jury panel member is Chandni Soni, a noble home-maker, a trained Kathak dancer, social activist, educationist, and a fortunate web series producer. She also announced that there would be a role waiting for the winner in her upcoming web series. The bilingual award journalist, social media influencer, and Executive Editor of Television AAJTAK, Amit Tyagi came on board as one of the jury members.
Another member of the jury panel is Cherag Bambboat, a celebrity makeup artist, known for his work with Lady Gaga. Among them, a jury member was Mrs. Batul Ali, the Founder of International Design Academy. Last but not the least, the lovely Pritam Singh served as the Celebrity Host at the event.
Now, let's see the ladies of the event. The charming Mrs. Nidhi Punya was crowned as the Mrs. India Queen 2021. Bansi Patel dived into the place of 1st Runner Up, and Geeta Ambre scooped away the 2nd Runner Up position. 

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