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Future of D-Commerce in Fashion Industry

Fashion photographers have huge load of fashion photos now looking to sell online. Models are eager to create online profiles on social media and selling hot photographs is what the beginning  of D-Commerce in fashion industry. 

But lot more to come. You can immagine when subscription of porn video started. Now it is growing in bigger way. The Porn industry is already growing with more then 50% annually after including digital platform utilisation. The fashion is also gaining growth by selling sizzling fashion walks video, selling hot photos. African and europian photographer are utlising the digital plateform to gain hard money already.
What may come in future is Fashion Pageant selling their exclusive rights to online magazine to earn money from new channels. Selling Ramp walk videos or selling rights of digital media distribution is what new area to generate revenue in events. Major event organisers have already started but the count is less.
Fashion Magazine coming to E-Magazine is another area where the D-commerce is already gaining in 200% times growth.
Getty images and stockphoto is leading player in selling photos of fashion related stuff. They feel greater future and you never know they may start new website to sell online fashion photos only with high res photos.
It is just first step of D-Commerce in Fashion Industry lot more to come.

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