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How to make a sustainable and fair collection?

The work of María Voth Velasco, the designer behind Turtlehorn Based on her culture, "Trashroots" is a streetwear collection inspired by Velasco's roots in Andalusia, in the South of Spain; it integrates traditional crafts in a contemporary and modern spirit, and it is set in an urban context.

She analyzed more extensively these environments, getting to the relevance of traditional hand-crafts and cultural heritage, which she was surrounded by since her childhood, with the possibility to integrate them in her work, by keeping them alive in a modern way.


She investigated and decided to use the "Jarapa" handcraft weaving technique, a traditional weaving system in which scraps are woven together to form a new thick fabric of various composition. This choice the materiality plays an important role, considering that the designer intended to make a collection that could be as sustainable as possible.

During the making process, in fact, she worked weaving cotton rests from the textile industry and collaborated with fashion workers of a big ghetto in Seville.


The shapes of the clothes are unisex and one-size to make them suitable for all types. They also reflect the tiles and street elements of the city, but also have a grip on the actual skate fashion, with strong and flexible textiles that are ready to wear all over the year. All colors are characteristic and symbolic for the place and popping up everywhere in Seville.

These clothes are for people who love the streetwear and are aware of their environment, self-confident, active or sportive; interested in making a change and pursuing a dream.

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