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A Jewelry Brand That Spoke of Love During The Pandemic: Rozmemories

"Rozmemories comes with a different approach towards aesthetics, it clubs jewelry with emotions and memories allowing people to relive moments", Says Fairouz Daoud the founder. 

Economic downturn is likely to bring up innovation. While the world struggled with the pandemic, creative jewelry designer, Fairouz Daoud, came up with a great idea to allow people to express their feelings and share memories. She launched her brand, Rozmemories – an exclusive imprint and life casting jewelry brand in Dubai during June 2020. The brand aimed at providing a way to the world to say nay to the overwhelming effects of calamity and depression as the world was combating the worst of the pandemics in its history. Rozmemories allowed people to treasure their most loved moments. 
“Although, there are many jewelry brands in the region but I have not witnessed any other local brand touch people’s lives this closely”, says Fairouz Daoud, the founder of Rozmemories. Personal imprints, pictures, hand prints, drawings and even sound waves can be casted or imprinted on the jewelry items. These are shipped worldwide, therefore, people could easily send personalized gifts to their loved ones even during the lockdown and express their love. 
Fairouz Daoud has introduced something beautiful in the accessories industry. She has taken the lead to build a business that touches hearts. The human side dominates in her business venture as she values emotions and feelings above everything else. The brand is gaining popularity as hundreds of people young and old like to have personalized jewelry. In an interview, Daoud states that majority of her clients are women, as jewelry is "a very uplifting thing among a woman's possessions". 
Rozmemories has been bridging many gaps ever since. It has been allowing people to connect with their loved one's through jewelry gifts including imprinted bracelets, necklaces, finger rings and ear rings. The products offered by Rozmemories are customized and they allow people to cherish the moments special to them. 
Rozmemories has connected technology with jewelry in a different way. Sound notes and pulse of loved ones can easily be recorded and saved in the jewelry items designed by Rozmemories. Anyone may scan that barcode and listen to the pulse or the voice note till forever. In this way moments are made eternal. It is one of a kind jewelry brand that speaks to the hearts of the people. You may easily view various jewelry items in collections at Rozmemories website.

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