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Laila Aziz, the Moroccan from Tangier who dresses the stars of the world

Wife of the famous Moroccan singer, composer and producer “RedOne”, whose real name is Nadir Khayat, the stylist Laila Aziz dresses the greatest Hollywood celebrities, like the Americans Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez … Very passionate about fashion and innovative, the Moroccan has managed, despite all the constraints, to make a place of choice in haute couture, according to the magazine Forbes.

Hollywood stars are snapping up Laila Aziz’s creations. The Moroccan who created her own fashion line “Kayat” in Los Angeles, United States, has made a reputation in haute couture, to the point that the American magazine of the economy, Forbes, devoted an article to her under the title “Laila Aziz: Power Business Woman”. She dresses several stars of the world, including the Americans Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez …
Originally from Tangier, a Moroccan city located in the Strait of Gibraltar, Laila Aziz was born in the Netherlands. Although fashion was a real passion for her, from an early age, Laila had to comply with the demands of her family who wanted her to pursue a higher education. She then decided to study law in the Netherlands before listening to her heart by enrolling in a training course in fashion design.
Very quickly, Laila Aziz excelled in the field of haute couture, winning her first success on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards, in 2006, wearing one of her creations. Married in 2009 to the famous Moroccan singer Nadir Khayat alias “RedOne”, she made a big name for herself in Uncle Sam’s country. “Everyone asked me which designer had created my outfit. It encouraged me to continue on this path ”, she confided to Forbes magazine.
Like many lucrative sectors, fashion has not been spared by the Coronavirus pandemic. A situation that forced Laila Aziz to take more interest in ready-to-wear, to compensate for the lack of events. “Sometimes, it does not work as you want, and you have to know how to bounce back and start again, even if it means completely renewing yourself,” said the Moroccan designer, always in search of innovation.
Source: https://www.archyde.com/laila-aziz-the-moroccan-from-tangier-who-dresses-the-stars-of-the-world/

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